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24 Hour Emergency Care 

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Chair: Anne Jones
Vice Chair: Rick Fullan
Treasurer: Nick Blea
Secretary: Mike Jones
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Valencia County STILL Needs an Emergency Hospital
Ten years ago Valencia County homeowners approved a mill levy to operate “A Hospital/24-hour Emergency Healthcare Facility.”  Today there is still no facility.  The Medical Care Advocates of Valencia (MCA-VC) agrees Valencia County not only deserves to see progress on their 24-hour Facility, they need to see the most appropriate facility in a central location to serve all of its residents.
There are many benefits to having an Emergency Micro-Hospital with 24-Hour Urgent Care in Valencia County.  There are about 21,000 ER visits per year from Valencia County per NM Department of Health (NM DOH) statistics that currently go to Bernalillo County emergency rooms. Adding these visits to the 230,000 visits per year from Bernalillo county adds to overcrowding and delays in treatment which increase mortality and poor outcomes.
Estimating from available statistics (NM DOH), it appears that approximately 63% could be treated in Urgent Care and not have to go into Albuquerque. About 34% need the emergency care. For the remaining 2-3%, access to immediate life-saving emergency care prior to transport to Albuquerque not only saves lives but improves the long-term outcomes from heart attack, stroke, major trauma and other major illness/injury. 
Valencia county would benefit from having a specialized emergency micro-hospital operated by one of the major hospital systems in Albuquerque.